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Fund 44634 – Surgical Learning and Rehearsal Laboratory Fund
To develop a technical teaching laboratory and provide ongoing support.

Fund 05270 – Brain Tumor Research Laboratory Fund
To support the Brain Tumor Research Laboratory.

Fund 13100 - Debbie's Brain Cancer Research Fund
To support brain cancer research.

Fund 15650 – Friends of Neurosurgery Fund
To provide support for Neurosurgery relating to areas of patient care, equipment/technology, education and research.

Fund 20945 – Charles J. Hodge Jr. M.D. Society Fund
To support resident education.

Fund 21905 – Sean Huckins Memorial Fund
To support the interests of Mr. Sean Huckins in the areas of working as a research scientist, functional neurosurgery, and medical illustrations..

Fund 21925 – Hydrocephalus Research Fund
To support clinical and basic science research in hydrocephalus

Fund 27550 – Neurosurgical Teaching Laboratory Fund
To develop a technical teaching laboratory and provide ongoing support.

Fund 43950 – Neurosurgical Outcomes Fund
To support research relating to neurosurgical methods and outcomes.

Fund 608 – Louise Blackwell Endowment
To support Neuroscience and Neurosurgery.

Fund 60925 – Multidisciplinary Brain Tumor Clinic & Research Laboratory Endowment
To support a multidisciplinary brain tumor clinic and research laboratory to optimally treat patients and support families. May also be used for educational purposes such as lectureships.

Fund 665 – Robert B. and Molly G. King Endowed Professorship in Neurosurgery
To support an endowed professorship in Neurosurgery.

Fund 705 – George W. Perkins III Memorial Endowment for Neurosurgery
To support education and research in the Department of Neurosurgery.

Fund 720 – Milton J. Rubenstein Neuroscience Research Facilitation Endowment
To facilitate research and education.