Upstate Foundation Funds

The Upstate Foundation manages more than 1,200 funds. These funds support Upstate students, patients and families, and faculty and staff with fund purposes that encompass education, research, technology, staff development and recognition, and unmet patient needs. 

You can designate a gift to an Upstate Foundation fund(s) by payroll deduction through the annual Power of Us, employee giving campaign (donations direct to the Upstate Foundation), or through Upstate Community Giving Campaign (United Way). This vehicle is use to support an Upstate purpose or project that is meaningful to you. Hamilton White and Elizabeth Blackwell donors may also designate gifts to an Upstate fund. If choosing an Upstate Foundation fund for the Upstate Community Giving Campaign, be sure to add 613 in front of the fund number. 613 is Upstate Medical University’s designated prefix.

Below are some highlighted funds you can give to that benefit Upstate.  

Funds with annual donor recognition

Friend In Deed Annual Fund #16329 – for unmet patient needs. Donor recognition at Upstate University Hospital lobby and Upstate Community Hospital corridor to east lobby – for donor gifts $100 and up.

Upstate Cancer Center Annual Fund #47624. Donor recognition at Upstate Cancer Center, 1st floor walkway – for donor gifts $100 and up.

Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital Annual Fund #10024. Donor recognition at Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital, 11th floor East Tower – for donor gifts $250 and up.

Highlighted funds

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Fund #01351 – To heighten awareness, increase clinical capacity and programmatic initiatives, improve access to services, and support research in the area of pediatric mental health.

Health Care Heroes Fund #19992 – The specific purpose of this fund is to provide support and recognition for Upstate nursing staff and health care professionals to include, but not limited to, things such as: gift cards, morale boosting activities, wellness activities and more.

Housecalls for the Homeless Fund #19960 – To provide medical and mental health services to the homeless population living on the streets and in shelters in Central New York.

Paley’s Pantry – Upstate Fights Student Hunger #47679 – To help alleviate food insecurity for students on the Upstate Medical University Campus.

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