Donating Appreciated Securities

Benefits for You

Gifts of securities that have increased in value are tax deductible at full fair-market value if you have owned the asset for at least one year.  By transferring the securities to Upstate, rather than liquidating the asset and donating the proceeds, you avoid capital gains taxes on the asset - an extra benefit.

Stock Transfer Instructions

  • Provide your broker with the following information to transfer securities to the Upstate Foundation:  DTC#: 0443; M&T Securities, Account # AZD 208247; The Upstate Foundation, Inc.  Your broker should contact Michael Day or Natasha Grover at M&T at 315-424-4062 with information on securities being transferred.
  • Call 315-464-4416 to notify the Foundation that a stock transfer is in process, along with the name and number of shares- that will ensure that the securities are properly processed to support the fund of your choice and credited to you.Transferred stock does not come with any identifying information.
  • If you have physical shares of stock that you would like to transfer, or another type of asset, please contact the Foundation's Chief Financial Officer, Terry Heany, at 315-464-4416 for assistance.