Upstate Legacy Society

The Upstate Foundation created the Upstate Legacy Society as a tribute to our donors who have generously included Upstate in their estate plans. It’s a prestigious honor and its members are held in high distinction by the Foundation.

Inductees into the Upstate Legacy Society are given a celebration gift, a 3-D blown glass sculpture consisting of three stacked cubes fused together to form a building block arrangement. The blocks symbolize the members of the Upstate Legacy Society, who are the building blocks of the Foundation’s legacy giving program.

If you would like more information, please call 315-464-4416 or email  Leave a lasting legacy that will impact our community in perpetuity.

Meet of few of our valued Upstate Legacy Society members.

Upstate Legacy Society members

  • Anonymous (3)
  • Dr. & Mrs. Kumar Ashutosh
  • Mrs. Jean Beers
  • Dr. & Mrs. Robert Cady
  • Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Cady, III
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ron Clark
  • Ms. Muriel Connerton
  • Mr. & Mrs. David Craig
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cronk
  • Mr. & Mrs. James Curley
  • Mrs. Charlotte Dlugolenski
  • Ms. Shirley Florczyk
  • Mr. Richard Freeman
  • Mrs. Marjorie Gillette-Aubrey
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Gleason
  • Mr. Jack Gorham
  • Mr. Daniel Grannis
  • Ms. Jane Haley
  • Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Katsolis
  • Mrs. Molly King
  • Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Klotz
  • Mrs. Patricia Knope
  • Dr. Leslie Kohman
  • Ms. Claire Kotula
  • Mrs. Harriett Maddy
  • Mr. & Mrs. Earl McArdell
  • Dr. & Mrs. John McCabe
  • Dr. Maxwell Mozell
  • Dr. M. Janice Nelson
  • Mr. & Mrs. Rick Ogata
  • Mrs. Mary Pat Oliker
  • Dr. & Mrs. Frederick Parker, Jr.
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Pezzi
  • Mr. Robert Pietrafesa
  • Dr. & Mrs. Michael Ratner
  • Mr. George Schunck
  • Mrs. Ruth Schwartz
  • Mrs. Bonnie Seitz
  • Drs. Richard & Irene Sills
  • Mr. Joseph Virkler
  • Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Walus