Donor-advised funds: More ways to give. One convenient resource.

Now you can support Upstate and other causes you care about!

In response to feedback from the Upstate Medical University community, the Upstate Foundation now offers donor-advised funds!

This new giving vehicle allows you to establish a single fund from which you can disburse your charitable dollars to any qualified nonprofit organizations you wish to support. Previously, if you made a gift to the Upstate Foundation, it had to support the Upstate mission and community; with donor-advised funds, gifts may be designated to Upstate, but also to other causes you care about… a cultural entity, social service charity, animal shelter, your alma mater, or another charitable organization!

How our donor-advised funds work

Donor-advised funds can be established for a minimum of $5,000 or $10,000. 

  • $5,000 – A donor-advised fund established for $5,000 functions similarly to the Foundation’s restricted funds in that the principal is guaranteed, not invested, and an administrative fee is not charged. 

  • $10,000 – A donor-advised fund established for a minimum of $10,000 can be likened to an investment account dedicated solely to a donor’s charitable giving. The principal is invested through the Foundation, generating investment returns. Both the principal and investment returns are available for spending based on the donor’s areas of interest. Although this type of donor-advised fund is not a lifelong fund like an endowment, a donor may appoint a successor to continue his or her legacy of giving.

In either case, you “advise” the Foundation on how your charitable dollars are to be spent – and we’ll do all the rest, including making sure your giving goals are met, setting the fund up, establishing contact with your preferred charities, and reporting back to you on annual basis (including documentation you can use for tax purposes).

Learn more or get started in setting up your donor-advised fund!

To establish one, a convenient and expertly managed fund for all of your charitable gifts, contact the Upstate Foundation at 315-464-4416.