Named Giving

To the Upstate Foundation, a name is a valued and treasured commodity. Its significance is evident by the number of successful endowment campaigns that have raised millions of dollars throughout the Foundation’s history; by the hundreds of named funds the Foundation manages; and by the hundreds of named areas throughout our facilities and campus commemorating donor generosity. A name gives people a compelling reason to give, and named gifts keep legacies alive forever. These are reasons why the Foundation is pleased to offer named giving opportunities. 

Name giving opportunities include establishing funds for patient care, education, research and community health and well-being. Benefactors may also designate a specific room or building in a person’s honor or memory. Corporations, too, may want to consider named giving opportunities as a mutually rewarding partnership with the Upstate Foundation. 

Click here for an overview of the Named Giving program at the Upstate Foundation.

Current Campaigns