Sick children helped by retired nurse’s planning and commitment

When retired nurse Elizabeth “Betty” Runkle passed away this summer at the age of 92, she was secure in the knowledge that she had made a commitment that would benefit the children of our community. Nine years earlier, she had entered into a charitable gift annuity that provided her with income for the remainder of her life, and now benefits the Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital.

Known as a “wonderful, capable” person who “had a smile for everybody,” Betty began her more than half century nursing career as a Navy nurse in World War II. Then, as a Syracuse resident for more than 60 years, she worked as a nurse at Upstate University Hospital, as well as other local health care institutions. Upon retirement, she continued to give of herself as a cheerful and willing volunteer in the community.

Her time at Upstate must have meant a great deal to her, however, since she wanted to give back to the hospital in such a significant way. Her memorial service was even held in the hospital chapel. When Betty created the gift annuity, she remarked, “The health profession has given me so much. I’m glad to have the opportunity to pay it back in a small way.”


You, too, can create a legacy to help fulfill a need that is meaningful to you. A charitable gift annuity is just one way. Among the benefits to the donor of a gift annuity are: a full tax deduction on the initial gift, a better rate of return than many other investments, guaranteed monthly income for life, and the joy of meaningful philanthropy.

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