A legacy that inspires

“Your legacy is how you’ve led your life and how you’ve influenced someone else,” said Molly King, who added to her legacy in this community by including the Upstate Foundation in her estate plans.

Molly has led a life of grace and service, holding positions with various educational organizations. She came to Syracuse in 1957 with her husband, Dr. Robert B. “Bob” King, who became a national leader in neurosurgery and neurosurgical graduate education at Upstate University Hospital. While Bob was busy at the university and hospital, Molly worked for several years as a teacher’s aide. She went on to a rewarding position at the Regional Learning Center helping women learn employment and career skills. She was then recruited to Syracuse University, where she worked on a continuing education program for mid-level executives.

An active volunteer, Molly served on the board of the Advocates for Upstate Medical University. She became involved with the Upstate Foundation and its annual Gala when Bob was on the Foundation board of directors. 

It was this close connection that led Molly to her decision to include the Upstate Foundation in her estate planning, saying, “They all work so hard at the Foundation!” She wanted to honor that diligence with a special gift.

Molly and Bob had been married for 57 years when he died in 2008. Molly remained active in the Central New York community until her recent move out of state. She maintains her interest in the mission of Upstate Medical University as well as her personal contact with the Upstate Foundation.

“A legacy may inspire others to succeed in advancing similar goals through contributions to perpetuate the vision inspired by the legacy,” noted Molly. “There are many people I know who over a lifetime have helped others. I am honored to be one part of this very large group.”

“Molly is too modest,” said Eileen Pezzi, Upstate’s vice president for development at Upstate. “Her legacy will continue for many years through all the people she herself has inspired.”


For more information about ways to create your own personal Legacy, contact your financial advisor or call the Upstate Foundation, 315-464-4416.