Create a Facebook fundraiser

Connect to The Upstate Foundation’s facebook page to start a fundraiser that is meaninful to you. You will be able to connect friends and gain supporters across facebook. People will be able to donate to your fundraiser in just a few clicks without leaving Facebook. 100% of money raised goes directly where you choose, Facebook does not take any fee. 

Start at The Upstate Foundation Facebook page

  • Click on: Fundraisers

  • Click on: Raise Money button

    Create a Fundraiser box pops up. There are three steps. Note: clicking on third step will create the fundraiser on your facebook page, so make sure you’re ready for this to show.

  • Click on Get Started button

Let’s start with the basics box pops up.

  • Choose The Upstate Foundation – who you are raising money for

  • Enter how much you would like to raise (this field is adjustable)

  • USD (is automatically selected for US money)

  • Select an end date for your fundraiser, this date is adjustable

  • Click on the Next button

  • Choose a name for your fundraiser. Consider a short and clear title to get the attention of friends and supporters.

  • Add a sentence or 2 about why you want to raise money for the Foundation, which can include Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital, Upstate Cancer Center, Joslin Diabetes Center, Clark Burn Center, or any other area that is meaningful to you. We recommend keeping the information about the Upstate Foundation so people know that the Foundation is a 501(3)3 nonprofit organization.

  • NOTE: When you click on the Next button at this last stage, your fundraiser will post to your page. You will be able to change pictures to something personal.