Friend in Deed Guidelines for Allocation Funding

Friend in Deed is the Upstate Foundation’s annual fund for Upstate University Hospital. Proceeds of the annual fund are distributed once a year through an application process. The application process is open to any Upstate employee.

Highest consideration will be given to applications that improve the patient experience and care at Upstate University Hospital and its clinics. The largest grant ever given through Friend in Deed was for $36,000. The majority of approved allocations fall between $100 - $5,000. Funding examples: educational videos and materials; funding start up patient support groups; providing clothing and medical equipment to overcome barriers to discharge; grief and bereavement support materials; replacement of lost patient personal belongings; furnishings for the spiritual care center; transportation and food vouchers for the AIDS clinic; post-operative bras for breast cancer patients and mammography robes for the Breast Care Center.

Upon approval, each allocation will be set up as a fund in the Upstate Foundation. Grant recipients will be given instructions on how to spend from their allocation fund. Recipients have 18 months from approval notification to use allocations. After 18 months, unless special circumstances are indicated, allocations will be closed and any remaining money will be put back into the pool for future allocations.

Awarded projects may require the submission of an annual report, explaining the utilization of the awarded funds, describing benefits derived from the implementation of the project. Also, in order to increase the visibility of the Upstate Foundation’s annual fund for Upstate University Hospital’s, applicants are asked to look for ways in which the annual fund can be acknowledged publicly such as hanging a poster in a visible location, displaying FID pamphlets, attaching stickers or incorporating a logo on a giveaway.

Limitations/Restrictions: Friend in Deed does not fund salaries, parking, gas cards, refreshments or any type of portable single-user CD/DVD players. Items that can be funded through other budgets are not eligible for Friend in Deed funding. Applications for funding research are not being accepted as part of the allocations process. The allocations committee may designate money to research, which would then be managed through the research office. Friend in Deed allocations are for one-time/start-up projects. Acceptance of a funding request does not guarantee funding in the future.

If your proposal requires the approval/cooperation of other departments such as clinical engineering (for patient or capital equipment), physical plant, or IMT, please be sure to contact them before submitting your funding request. Indicate such approvals in your application document otherwise your application may not be eligible for funding.

Application Deadline

Applications should be submitted to the Upstate Foundation by Noon on January 12, 2024. For questions regarding the application process, contact Pam Ward at 315-464-4416.

Click here to access the application form.