Natalie LeFebvre, RN
Department of Pediatrics, Upstate University Hospital

Natalie LeFebvre is very thankful to be alive, considering she was diagnosed with a brain tumor two years ago and was given six to 12 months to live. She said that after the initial diagnosis, cancer often becomes a very lonely disease. So while still an inpatient at Upstate University Hospital, she established “Healing Ways,” a support group for cancer patients and their families.

“Friend in Deed facilitated the growth of Healing Ways; it gave the group its own pulse. Without funding from Friend in Deed, we would be dependent on donations and would not have been able to grow the way we have, and do as much together as a group. We are all very appreciative of this resource and thank those who contribute to it.”



Elizabeth Sapio
Patient Relations Representative, Guest Relation Analyst, Upstate University Hospital

“Sometimes things don’t always go the way we intend and we recognize areas where we can do better. For instance, on occasion we have patients who come into our garage for a routine appointment and end up admitted to the hospital. When we realize that their vehicle has been in our garage for several days, we wish we had asked them how they arrived so that we could have advised them on how to avoid a higher-than-expected fee. However, being able to help offset their cost really helps our patients and it is appreciated by them.

 “It is easy to want to do the right thing and thanks to funding from generous donors, we are able to do the right thing which shows patients that we care. Your donation to Friend in Deed makes a real difference to real people. Thank you to all who give.”



Gail Banach, MS, IDDE, MS, Ed, BA
Director of Public Education & Communications, Upstate New York Poison Center, Upstate Medical University

“In this time of cutbacks, we are most thankful for receiving funding from Friend in Deed for support of Project: Medicine Spoon. Research indicates that many parents and caregivers mis-dose medicine given to their children, giving either too much or too little. Therefore, through the generosity of Friend in Deed, the Upstate New York Poison Center will now be able to distribute 10,000 medicine spoons to a targeted, ‘at risk’ population, highlighting the dangers of using kitchen spoons for measuring medicine. Parents and caregivers of children visiting Upstate clinics and our pediatric emergency department will receive a packet containing a medicine spoon, a newly designed low-literacy brochure and an evaluation survey with request for completion and return. Project: Medicine Spoon will kick off in March 2013, which is Poison Prevention Month. With funding from Friend in Deed, this project is now becoming a reality. THANK YOU FRIEND IN DEED!”


These are just a few examples of the many programs that benefit from Friend in Deed funding.  Each year new applications are considered.  Please be a Friend in Deed to Upstate's patients and donate.