Friend in Deed – How your generosity helps

These are a few of the many programs that benefit from Friend in Deed funding. Each year, new programs and services are considered. Please be a Friend in Deed and donate!

2012-Natalie-LeFebvreRecreation art therapy program 

Colorful examples of the artwork created by participants in the recreation art therapy program at Upstate University Hospital are displayed by Sharon Snyder-Jackson, MA, ATR-BC, LCAT, recreation and art therapy coordinator.




Cardiac Care Pillows 

With hundreds of cardiac surgeries performed each year, Friend In Deed helps ensure each patient receives a therapeutic pillow to aid post-operative recovery. In addition to bringing a little cheer to a difficult time, these pillows: 

  • can be “hugged” by the patient, which reinforces post-surgery splinting, eases discomfort and reduces complications (such as damage caused by coughing); 
  • feature anatomical artwork to explain each patient’s surgical procedure to caregivers and family members; and
  • are signed by the patient’s medical team, providing extra confidence and moral support when he or she leaves Upstate to return home.

2012-Natalie-LeFebvreOutpatient Kits 

Care provided at discharge or on an outpatient basis can be as important as care provided in the hospital. Friend In Deed provides tools and services to aid transitions to home care and reduce readmissions, including: 

  • pediatric dosing spoons, syringes and nasal atomizers to ensure children can be accurately dosed with medication at home; 
  • unit-dose dispensing systems that help at-home patients take the right medication at the right time, to improve outcomes and prevent mishaps; 
  • blood-pressure, weight and fluid monitoring equipment for patients returning home after a transplant; and 
  • medication dispensing services for our community’s indigent patients, who need care without benefit of a traditional “home.” 

In short, your donation to Friend In Deed makes a big impact, especially in the era of COVID-19. Thank you for your continued support of this important initiative!

2012-Natalie-LeFebvreBone Marrow Transplant Self-Care Kits

Thanks to Friend in Deed donors, small things can have enormous impacts. Consider the simple, but critical, self-care kits Upstate University Hospital provides to bone marrow transplant patients. The kits contain items aimed at preventing infection, enhancing physical well-being, and fostering adherence to a conditioning program focused on health and wellness. Without Friend in Deed, there is not another source of funding for the kits. 

Kelly Dolan, MSN, RN, assistant director of nursing

“Thank you, Friend in Deed donors! A bone marrow transplant is physically and emotionally challenging. Patients often experience a feeling of loss of control which can lead to depression and anxiety. The self-care kits provide patients with tools and resources to manage certain aspects of their care, giving them a sense of control again.” 


2012-Natalie-LeFebvreAutomated Pets for Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

It’s through gifts to Friend in Deed that we were able to purchase automated stuffed animals for our patients with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. With eyes that open and close, tails that wag, hearts that beat, and sensors that enable them to bark or meow – these mechanical companions are having an amazing impact on a patient’s demeanor.

Amy Rottger, RN, unit manager, Transitional Care Unit

“Sometimes all it takes to provide quality care is compassion, understanding, ingenuity and financial support from people like you for programs like Friend in Deed.”


2012-Natalie-LeFebvreHeart Failure Program

A household scale to check for sudden weight increases. An easy-to-use sensor for testing blood oxygen levels. A handy folder full of educational pamphlets for discharged patients. Everyday items like these are making a big difference in the rate in which heart failure patients are readmitted to Upstate University Hospital, thanks to Friend iIn Deed.

Connie Randolph, coordinator, Heart Failure Pprogram

“Your gift supports the Heart Failure Program with at-home tools for the patient, keeping them healthier longer and out of the hospital.”


2012-Natalie-LeFebvreCommunication Tools 

Friend in Deed helped fund a way for patients to communicate with their caregivers and family members, allowings them to advocate for themselves and helping to restore independence, ultimately improving their health care. 

The EyeMobile Mini is an eye tracking system that allows patients to communicate by tracking their eye movements. 

Kelsey Nolan, RN, Pulmonary Medicine Unit

“As a nurse caring for patients who have lost the ability to communicate, I have seen them grow depressed and lose their will to live. The EyeMobile Mini is a game changer for many of these patients. Thanks to Friend in Deed, we can purchase these devices for our patients.”